Why is EU Pork the Smart Choice?

The EU is the second pork producer and the largest exporter of pork and pork products in the world. This was achieved thanks to our strong foundations of pig farming and utmost standards in sustainability, food safety, animal welfare, traceability, quality, and taste, features observed throughout the whole production process to ensure the interest and health of consumers. Choosing EU pork products is a smart choice!

Is EU Pork safe?

The European Commission safety standards determine strict principles for food production, starting from animal feed to the transportation, slaughtering, cutting, processing, and packaging of the final product. Traceability is a key aspect of maintaining food safety in the EU, it permits tracking food, animal feed, and ingredients throughout all the stages of the production and distribution chains to address risks and protect public health. Biosecurity and disease control are also at the core of the EU’s safety strategy.

Is EU Pork a good quality meat?

Through this set of legislation, the European Union ensures that the pig farming industry stays productive and efficient while maintaining sustainability and environmental protection, making European Pork, the smart choice, when consumers make an informed decision. They are not only choosing the higher-standard meat, but also through their decision they reflect their interest in the well-being of the nature.

What is EU Pork, The Smart Choice?

This is a promotional campaign organised by INTERPORC and FILPORC to promote safe, high-quality EU pork from Spain and Portugal in the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino markets. It involves a variety of live events such as cooking contests, tastings, seminars, participations in tradeshows and buyers’ missions to Europe, as well as social media promotions aimed at F&B professionals and consumers interested in premium pork.

There is much more to learn about the campaign and EU pork



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