Why is EU Pork so safe?

Food safety is key for the EU. Policies regarding food from animal origin such as pork are implemented from Farm to Fork, that is, controlling the whole meat production chain. The main objective of these policies is to ensure high levels of consumer health protection and benefit consumer interest.

What is From Farm to Fork?

From Farm to Fork is the name of this campaign, it portrays a series of values for EU agricultural products: food safety, quality, taste, nutritional and health aspects, diversity, animal welfare and the respect for the environment, all taken care of during the entire breeding and production process, literally starting from the farm until the food is on the table.

Is EU Pork a good quality meat?

The best quality of the meat is always guaranteed when you buy EU Pork. Thanks to the highest safety and quality standards of the European Union and its traceability regulation, you can be certain that strict quality control has been performed from farm to fork.

What is “享味欧洲猪肉 ”?

This is a promotional campaign organised by INTERPORC and Agrupalto to promote safe, high-quality EU pork from Spain and Portugal in China.

There is much more to learn about the campaign and EU pork